Hearing the Spirit - Christopher Ash

Hearing the Sprit cover

The Holy Spirit is the trickiest member of the Trinity to pin down. If we’re honest we don’t know much about Him and what He gets up to, and we’re worried about getting things wrong if we tried to articulate what we believe about Him. At the same time, we don’t want to be missing an important part of Christian doctrine. Are we as a church suppressing the Spirit? Should we have less Bible, more Spirit? Will the Holy Spirit make me do weird things in a church service?

This book is a short, readable and very clear look at the Bible’s teaching about the Holy Spirit, answering these questions and more. If you want one book to set your thinking straight about the Spirit and to excite you about His work, this is it!

What’s it about? Primarily how the Spirit, Christ the Living Word, The Father and the Bible relate to each other. What does it mean to hear God speak and reveal himself?
What did you get out of it? A deeper understanding of the Spirit, why we do what we do in church and how the Bible talks about Him. Also, a great encouragement to pray for the necessary work of the Spirit in our lives.
How long does it take to read? The chapters are pretty short, but take some reflection, you could read it in a week or two.

Hearing the Spirit by Christopher Ash is available from 10ofthose for £6.39.