Daily readings from James Philip: lasting comment on the whole Bible, in bite-size chunks.

James Philip

Our own minister’s father, James Philip, produced Bible reading notes covering the whole Bible during his 40 years of ministry in Holyrood Abbey Church, Edinburgh. For many years they were sent monthly all over the world, and are still cherished and used by many – especially ministers – who find in them the distilled essence of an extraordinary expository ministry. Of far more value than the vast majority of commentaries to any Bible student, they get to the heart of the text’s meaning with an economy of language and quality of insight that is unsurpassed.

We would like to thank William McEwan of Torrance for his work in scanning the text from original printed copies of the bible notes in the Holyrood Record, and all the many members of our congregation who contributed their time to help edit the scanned notes into their current format. This has been a massive task, so please forgive any small errors you may find.

The whole series is now available in PDF format below, for you to dip into at any point. We are as a church reading through sections of the Bible, with commentary by James Philip alongside. You can join here, subscribe to receive emails at the bottom of this page or on the Tron App.

Copyright is reserved by William Philip. This resource is free to use for personal study. For quotations, all we ask is that the source is quoted in full. Multiple copying should not be undertaken without permission from info@thetron.org.  Please feel free to get in touch with any other questions or queries regarding these notes.