God’s word is powerful.

He spoke, and a universe was created. He spoke, and a man called Lazarus was raised from the dead. And He still speaks today through his living and urgent word.  We believe that God’s word changes lives - and in the end, our response to it will decide our eternities. That’s why we preach God’s word every Sunday and Wednesday, and that’s why we provide these resources - to help us come to know God better through His Scriptures.

Visit Sermons Online, and you'll find expositions of most books of the Bible - and we're adding to it every week. You can search for a text you would like to hear, catch up if you missed last Sunday, or simply listen in to the latest series. You could also subscribe to our podcast or our RSS feed.

We are also working on uploading daily readings of the whole Bible by James Philip.  For now many of them are available in a scanned (and un-edited) form, as a daily devotion here or through our RSS feed, but a huge team of volunteers are working to bring them to you soon as a daily email.

Under the Book Room, you’ll find short book reviews to help guide you in your personal reading. And over time, we hope to build up a Video Library of sermons and special occasions.

Occasionally we will provide links to other resources that we have found helpful. Christianity Explored have produced some great videos dealing with many of our most difficult questions. And the BibleMesh Course is a fantastic overview of the great story of Salvation History, from Genesis to Revelation.