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Recent Sunday Services: English language

13 Sep (evening)Psalm 119:145 -152Addiction: Illness? Choice? Disease? Sin?: Exodus 20:1-5: Psalm 115:4-8: 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 (Terry McCutcheon)Watch
13 Sep (morning)Joshua 2God’s Grace Shown to the Most Unlikely  (Paul Brennan)Watch
6 Sep (evening)Psalm 119:145 -152The Psalmist Teaches His Readers What to Ask God For (Edward Lobb)Watch
6 Sep (morning)Joshua 1God's Faithfulness in Uncertain Times (Paul Brennan)Watch
30 Aug (evening)Psalm 119:137-144God’s Righteousness is Righteous (Edward Lobb)Watch
30 Aug (morning)Ecclesiastes 1:1-3: 2:1-11Where is the profit in life? (William Philip)Watch

Recent Farsi Services

13 SepEphesians 4:11-16 / افسسیان 4: 11-16Spiritual Bodybuilding / بدن سازی معنوی (Phil Copeland)
6 SepActs 2:42-47 / اعمال 2: 42-47The Generous Fellowship in Church Life / کمک هزینه سخاوتمندانه در زندگی ک  (Sean Brennan)
30 AugActs 1 / اعمال 1What Happens Next? / بعد چه اتفاقی می افتد؟ (Andrew Whitmarsh)