Why a new service in a new place?
Based in the city centre for many decades we recently started a second morning service in a second location and now an additional afternoon service in a third location at Queen’s Park.

Known for many years, with it’s landmark ‘Christ Died For Sins’ neon sign, as the home to Crosshill Evangelical Church, now a new work begins following a partnership with the Tron Church over the past couple of years.

What to expect...
A warm welcome as you arrive and then together we listen to the preaching of God’s word and respond in praise and prayer.
Creche is provided for young children and Sunday School is available up to P7.
Following the formal part of the service we share tea, coffee and some delicious baked goods!

Awesome Kids Club
All boys and girls of primary school age are very welcome to come along on Tuesdays from 4-5pm.