The Meaning of Marriage - Tim and Kathy Keller

Having recently just got engaged I thought this would be a good time to research exactly what I'm getting myself into.

This is another great Tim Keller book, very readable and approachable for Christians and non-Christians alike. Keller once again applies a sharp analytical mind to the world's view of marriage, and brings the Bible's teaching to bear on it. Very good for witnessing to the Christian view of marriage, as well as giving lots of helpful Biblical wisdom for married life. If you've never read a marriage book before, then this would be a good one to start!

What's it about? The Christian view of marriage, what it means and how to enjoy and nurture it!
What did you get out of it? A challenge and encouragement. Marriage in the Bible is a lot more important that the world thinks it is, and there is hope for any marriage that God's grace can make it a good one.
Who is it for? Anyone, (over the age of 16 of course) who is married, planning on or hoping to get married, and even those who aren't. Everyone in the church needs to have a Biblical view of marriage. There is a helpful chapter on singleness and marriage, exploring this issue in more depth.
How long does it take to read? Eight chunky chapters, each best read in one go. Give it an hour per chapter and take your time!