As a church, we are committed to training the next generation of Christian leaders and Bible teachers. There's lots of informal training going on in nearly all of our regular activities. In addition, we take on a number of ministry trainees – commonly known as apprentices – each year. Over two years, these trainees complete the Cornhill Training Course and put what they learn there into practice in regular Bible teaching and service throughout the congregation.

Ministry Training Scheme (Apprentices)

Apprentices will learn to serve across the whole range of church life, including the Ladies Fellowship, house groups, Tron at Two, student Bible studies, youth work, street evangelism and preaching. In addition, they learn that Christian ministry isn't about status but about serving... by cleaning toilets, emptying bins and moving endless boxes.

Ministry Training Scheme (Media Apprentice)

A media apprentice will follow the same general pattern as a regular ministry trainee, studying at Cornhill and getting some experience of Bible teaching. Much of their work however will involve developing our web-based ministries, print publications and visual design. A share of their routine duties will be taken up with routine maintenance and updating of our website.

For more details and application information, follow the links about our apprenticeship scheme and the Cornhill Training Course.