Our minister:

William Phillip, Minister

William Philip has been minister of the Tron since August 2004. He moved from London, where for 5 years he was Director of Ministry with The Proclamation Trust, working with ministers, teaching those training for ministry in the Cornhill Training Course, and overseeing a varied programme of conferences. Before that he served in ministry positions in Aberdeen, where prior to ordination, he studied medicine at Aberdeen University, and trained in cardiology at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. He is married to Rebecca, and they have two daughters.

Also on the ministry team at The Tron:

Edward Lobb

Edward Lobb is the Director of the Cornhill Training Course in Scotland.

Bob Fyall

Bob Fyall is a Senior Tutor on the Cornhill Training Course and also teaches on the Pastors' Training Course.

Andy Gemmill

Andy Gemmill is the Director of the Pastors' Training Course and also teaches on the Cornhill Training Course.

Our staff and apprentices:

Lynn Clark, Church Secretary

Lynn Ballingall joined the staff team as church secretary in 2012. Lynn is married to Stephen.

Kenan Berker joined our ministry training scheme as an apprentice in 2013, having studied Audio and Video Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

Billy Bradford, Church Officer

Billy Bradford has looked after the fabric of the buildings since 1976 and is responsible for the day to day cleanliness and presentation of them. If you want to know anything about the building, Billy is the man to ask! He is married to Anne and has two sons.

Paul Brennan, Ministry Apprentice

Paul Brennan studied law in Nottingham and then worked in the public sector until September 2012 when he joined our apprenticeship scheme. Paul completed the ministry training scheme in 2013, and has since joined the staff team at the Tron while he studies on the Pastors' Training Course. Paul is married to Stephanie, and they have one daughter.

Agnes Brough, Evangelist

Agnes Brough studied law at Cambridge and worked in the Lord Chancellor's Department for 8 years. Then she trained as a teacher and taught in a London primary school. She completed a year on the Cornhill Training Course in London and then moved back north to join the Epaphras Trust in 2003. Agnes ministers particularly among women and young people.

Jonny Campbell, Media Apprentice

Jonny Campbell joined our ministry training scheme as a media apprentice in 2013, having studied Product Design Engineering at the University of Glasgow.

Alison Hair, Church Administrator

Alison Hair became our church administrator in 2000. She is the face behind info@thetron.org.

Richard Henry, Church Manager

Richard Henry studied at Strathclyde University and worked in business in Glasgow for 19 years. Thereafter he studied on the Cornhill Training Course and joined the church team in 2008. Richard is also our Session Clerk.

Rupert Hunt-Taylor, Assistant Minister and Student Worker

Rupert Hunt-Taylor trained in Glasgow to become a vet and worked in the States and England, before returning to mixed practice in Glasgow. After completing the Cornhill Training Course and a two year ministry apprenticeship in the church, he joined the staff team in 2011. Rupert co-leads Release the Word, and is responsible for our students and young workers. He is also enrolled on Cornhill's three year Pastors' Training Course. He is married to Jen, and they have two daughters.

Josh Johnston, Ministry Apprentice

Josh Johnston comes from Northern Ireland and studied theology at the International Christian College in Glasgow. He joined our apprenticeship scheme in September 2012.

Terry McCutcheon, Addiction Worker and Evangelist

Terry McCutcheon was an apprentice at the church from 2007-2009 and after completing the Cornhill Training Course, he joined the staff part-time and launched a new ministry called Road to Recovery working with those with chemical dependence issues. Prior to his apprenticeship, Terry worked with a Glasgow based charity which supported and counselled those in alcohol and drug addiction and also the homeless. Whilst doing this, he gained his social care qualifications. He is also continuing his ministry training at the Cornhill Pastors' Training Course. Terry is married to Charlene.

Katie Piggot, Women's Worker

Katie Piggot joined the team in 2010 after being an apprentice for two years in the church and also completing the Cornhill Training Course in Scotland. Before this she studied in Aberdeen, worked abroad and then became a Modern Studies teacher in Glasgow. Katie mainly works with female students as well as women of all ages and teaches English as part of our internationals ministry.

Honorary Staff Members:

Lynn Clark, Church Secretary

Simon & Joanna McClure joined the team in 2014 as gospel partners whilst at the same time working with a global organisation that equips and prepares international friends to return home after living overseas. Simon studied E&E Engineering in Sheffield, and Joanna studied Ceramics and Art Therapy at Swansea, Cardiff and Hertfordshire. After working for a few years in SE England, they married and then studied together in Belfast before spending 10 years working in East Asia. Together with their 3 daughters, they are engaged in ‘returnee’ gospel work in Glasgow.

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