The Tron Church Ministry Apprentice Scheme is a two-year programme for those wanting to experience full-time ministry while being trained in the core skills of understanding and communicating the bible’s message to others.

We are open to accepting those tentatively exploring their own gifts and call, as well as those with a more settled conviction that full-time word ministry is their goal. For all our aim is to train clear and competent messengers of the truth through combining study at the Cornhill Training Course with working alongside an experienced staff team and an active, serving church.

About The Tron Church

The Tron Church (commonly known as The Tron) is an evangelical presbyterian congregation of about 450 made up of students, young workers, families and older saints from many nationalities and all walks of life. We are situated in the heart of the busy city centre of Glasgow and our mission is to proclaim Christ in that unique location as well as throughout Glasgow and to the world. We are currently engaged in ‘gospel planting’ plans to expand our ministry to two or more sites in Glasgow during 2016.

We take the Bible seriously and so our priority is to open God’s word to hear Him speak wherever and whenever we can – and to equip others to spread the biblical gospel. In addition to the regular Sunday services, we are engaged in a number of areas of ministry including a Bible study and training programme for students and young workers (Release the Word), outreach to workers, shoppers and others on our doorstep in the city centre (including a weekly lunch-time service), Christianity Explored courses and various outreach ministries to internationals, including a growing Iranian congregation. There are no schools in the immediate vicinity but we have an active ministry to our own young people and through them to their friends.

The team

The Senior Minister, William Philip, has been the Minister in charge since 2004, and was formerly Director of Ministry at the Proclamation Trust in London. The staff team also currently consists of an Associate Minister, one Minister in Training for ordination (completing Cornhill’s 3–year CTC follow-on Pastors Training Course), a female youth worker, a women’s evangelist and student worker, and admin staff. Our Church Manager & Session Clerk acts as chief of staff and directly oversees our apprentices of whom we usually have 5-6 serving with us.


The programme

The programme runs for two years from September to August. Ministry Apprentices will attend the Cornhill Training Course (Scotland) part-time over the two years and be involved in a range of Bible teaching and practical ministries including some of the following:

• leading a table at Christianity Explored

• leading and teaching at one of the 
youth groups or Sunday school

• helping at English classes

• reading 1 to 1 with students or 

• leading small group Bible study with 

• leading easy English Bible study group

• helping to lead a Bible study group at 
Release the Word

• pastoral visiting

street evangelism

staffing our reception area

• mission trip/camp in summer

• moving chairs and tables

• cleaning

updating website

designing fliers and publications

• sound/recording/duplicating

As well as general Ministry Apprentices we are also keen to have applications from those who have a particular interest in web/media design etc, or those who wish to serve in the vital area of ministry administration. Along with general ministry involvement A Media Apprentice would combine Cornhill study with promoting the gospel by developing our web-based ministries and publications, and an Admin Apprentice would work alongside our church admin team to help make all our ministries run smoothly and well, so we will ‘make the most of every opportunity’. On-the-job supervision and training will be provided by the members of the staff team responsible for the ministry area you are working in, and overall regular week-to-week direction is overseen by Richard Henry, the Church Manager.


The Apprenticeship is a voluntary training position, not a paid working position.

We ask apprentices to raise support from home churches, friends and family to help cover living expenses. There are number of Charitable trusts to which ministry trainees may apply for grants, and over the years our Apprentices have been well supported in this way. In particular for Tron Apprentices, the Epaphras Trust guarantees to pay Cornhill tuition fees (currently £2700 per year) and Apprentices may also apply to the Epaphras Trust for a grant of up to £350 per month towards living costs (depending on means). It may be possible to house trainees with church members or families which would reduce costs. We are happy to discuss the options and to give advice about the cost of accommodation and other living costs in Glasgow. We never want financial considerations to be decisive, or to prevent anyone training who wants to do so.


For further details, please contact Richard Henry on (0141-332 2795). For more information about The Tron Church see and about the Cornhill Training Course (Scotland) see