Thank God it’s Monday - Mark Greene

We’re an evangelistic church, by both conviction and practice. Building volunteers, lunchtime services, Christmas and Easter outreach, praying for family members, Christianity Explored, and as a body we’re unusually blessed by those who give up their free time to do all these things. But what about your working time? Those 40-odd hours a week you spend with non-Christian colleagues, who see you every day living as a Christian, and whom you might have a lot of time to get to know. Isn’t this a key area of mission?

Unless you work in the Tron offices (Rupert keeps telling me off for hiding evangelistic leaflets in his drawers), there is a huge mission field in your place of work! This book is to encourage you in that outreach, to help you think theologically about your work and to show you that it isn’t as impossible as it might seem to bring the Gospel to work.

What’s it about? – Ministry in the workplace; working in God’s service and sharing the Gospel
What did you get out of it? – Great encouragement to enjoy work and to be looking for evangelism opportunities
How long did it take to read? – Not long. Chapters are short and easily digestible
Who’s it for? – Gospel workers (this means you!) in every area of work, wondering about what ministry means there