When People Are Big and God is Small - Edward T. Welch

Are you afraid of people? Quite probably not I imagine, though most of us have the occasional odd relative we’d rather avoid, the mean-spirited and capricious boss whom we try not to cross, or a general fear of our parents really finding out what we get up to at University.

But put it this way: Do you fear Man, when you should be fearing God?

Are you swayed by the opinions of other people? Do you crave social acceptance? Are you a people-pleaser? Are you anxious about what others think of you? Conversely, are you buoyed up by the praise of others?

None of these? What about Evangelism? Afraid to tell the Gospel?

If these are the case, our Fear of Man is getting in the way of us obeying God and loving people. The antidote? A healthy, biblically-taught, Fear of God.

This isn’t particularly an ‘issues book’ for those with low self esteem or ‘co-dependence problems’, although certainly be very beneficial for Christians who struggle this way. This is a book to teach how the right view of God gives us the right view of people, and helps us to love others properly.

If fear of rejection, humiliation or violence stops you sharing the Gospel, then maybe its time to get this book and read it!