Knowing God - J.I. Packer

Not got time to read good Christian books during the week? Neither do I, but after snatching a few moments a day by hiding in the various rooms of the Tron offices, away from the taskmasterly gaze of the senior apprentices, I bring you ‘Knowing God’ as a must-read ‘spiritual classic’. If something is worth doing it’s worth making time for, so pop it next to your loo, duck down under your desk at work or grab a few moments while the kids are sleeping to transform your life with this book!

Packer is convinced that God is knowable, not by our own efforts but by His own revelation through the Bible. Taking various teachings from the Bible such as ‘God incarnate’, ‘God the judge’ and Adoption, he explains clearly and forcefully the truth that Christians need to believe. But he doesn’t stop there! The things we know about God must change our hearts and so Packer skillfully, compellingly and convictingly applies each of these to our lives. How does The Majesty of God affect your every day living? What does adoption mean for you and me? How does God guide us day by day? Each chapter is earth-moving stuff and to read one a day and spend time meditating on its truth would serve any Christian, family, small group or study pair well in life.