The Tron is a large church with a gathered congregation. To get to know people and encourage one another in our faith we have a number of small groups which meet across the city.

The Tron Church Small Groups_0001

Within a small group we have a good opportunity to look after each other more personally, be aware of our prayer and pastoral needs and develop friendships where people will be better able to help keep each other on track in their Christian life. Discussing parts of the Bible in a small group will give us confidence when we are reading the Bible on our own and it is a great opportunity to discuss what we have been learning about on a Sunday.

We are not meant to be lone ranger Christians so joining a small group is a vital way we can grow in our faith. Groups meet on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 7:30pm until 9.30pm. No matter how long you have been coming to the Tron, you are welcome to join a small group in any area of the city. Once you settle in one, however, we ask you to be committed to meeting regularly with the group. Connecting into the life of the church couldn’t be easier!

To find out about the location of our different groups contact the church office on or call 0141 332 2795.