Sunday Morning_0001On Sunday mornings a large group of people of all ages, backgrounds, occupations and nationalities meet at 11am in the church building at 25 Bath Street to listen to God’s word and to respond to him in praise and prayer. Our major focus is on reading, understanding and applying the Bible so that the whole church family can be ‘equipped for the work of ministry’ (Ephesians 4.12) so that we can serve and honour the Lord in our lives.

As well as an exposition of the next passage in the book of the Bible we’re studying, we sing Christian hymns and songs, we pray for our world, for Christian mission throughout the world and for the needs of our own church family and take up a collection, which visitors should feel free to have pass by them. We are assisted in the singing of our praises to God by a small group of musicians.

Several crèches, Sunday School for primary aged children and Bible class for children in S1-S4 are available at various points during the service.

We love welcoming visitors so do please come along whether you have a longstanding church connection or you have never been in a church in your life. We will try to give you a warm welcome and will look forward to meeting you. Don’t be afraid to let the person greeting you at the door or sitting next to know that it’s your first visit so we can welcome you properly.