The Tron Church Sunday Services_0000

We meet at 6.30pm every Sunday at The Tron Church at Kelvingrove on 73 Claremont Street (G3 7JB). The formal part of the meeting normally ends by 7.45pm.

Evening services consist of a mixture of:

  • singing Christian hymns and songs,
  • prayer for God's world mission and church family needs,
  • Bible readings and a sermon,
  • and a few notices.

The Bible teaching in morning and evening is different and church members usually come to both services.


There are refreshments of tea and coffee (and sometimes other goodies) available after the evening service. We hope you'll stay around to enjoy them. It's great to have the opportunity to mingle after the formal part of the meeting. Often there's something from the Bible teaching which is well worth discussing with others. This is also a very useful time for newcomers to get to meet people.

Children and families welcome too!

There is no Sunday School during the evening service, but older children are very welcome to be part of the normal service. For families with toddlers or babies, there is a room for parents to be able to watch the service via video link. This means that babies can gurgle, toddlers toddle and small children can wander around and make as much noise as they want without disturbing others in the main meeting. Many families have enjoyed being able to join in church all together as a family, even with the youngest of children learning to sing, pray and listen as they are able. Then, after the formal part, whole families can enjoy fellowship over tea and coffee.