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Sometimes we feel reticent to talk much about money, and about giving to the church, and this is understand-able given the way some religious—and even ‘Christian’—groups exploit people in shocking ways. However, the New Testament, like the Old, does give clear instruction: Christian giving is not to be left to chance, but is to be done in a properly organised way.

Paul gives considerable attention to the administration of money, devoting most of 2 Corinthians 8-9 to the subject (as well as instructions elsewhere). These chapters will repay careful consideration for our own thinking about Christian stewardship, but let’s highlight some key principles to think about corporately and individually.

Churches are instructed that giving is to be organised

  • Properly: (8:16-24) giving serious thought and effort to stewarding resources for the Lord.
  • Openly: (8:21) beyond reproach and honourable ‘not only in the Lord’s sight, but in the sight of man’.
  • Wisely: (8:22) not naïve about temptations, but entrusting money to those ‘tested and found earnest’.
  • Strategically: (8:18,19,23) funding ‘the preaching of the gospel’, ‘the needs of the saints worldwide’, ‘for the glory of the Lord himself’, ‘for the glory of Christ’.

Individuals are likewise instructed to give

  • Regularly & efficiently (9:5; 1 Cor 16:2) in a planned way, not casually. We should not resist giving through the planned giving schemes of our congregation.
  • Willingly (9:6-7) as God loves a cheerful giver!
  • Confidently (9:8-11) trusting God to supply all our needs as we seek to sow bountifully.

Please do study these Scriptures, thinking carefully and prayerfully about your own commitment to giving as part of the fellowship. Please contact Margo Logie through the Church Office (332 2795) or

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